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Poll: 49% of renters want to buy within five years

마이애미 한인 NEW YORK – May 17, 2017 – Forty-nine percent of Americans who don’t currently own their home say they expect to purchase one within the next five years – and 10 percent plan to buy within the next year, according to a recent survey by Gallup of more than 1,500 adults. And one … Continue reading

Study: Renters’ biggest hurdle is the downpayment

마이애미 한인 NEW YORK – May 8, 2017 – Renters, what’s keeping you from making the leap to buying a house? According to a first-ever study sponsored by Zillow and conducted by market researcher Ipsos, no matter where renters live across the country, the most significant barrier to buying a home is the same for … Continue reading

마이애미 – 50.1% in Fla. say ‘It’s a good time to buy a house’ – 마이애미

#마이애미   GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Feb. 16, 2017 – Homeownership nationwide is at a record low, but a slim majority of Floridians (50.1 percent) say it’s a good time to buy a house, according to a newly released University of Florida (UF) survey conducted in October and November. Only 19.3 percent thought it was a … Continue reading

마이애미 – Buyers are stressed: 6 reasons why – 마이애미

마이애미 부동산   NEW YORK – Jan. 20, 2017 – A new TD Bank survey of 135 real estate professionals nationwide reveals six stressors that are causing their clients the most anxiety: Confusion about the paperwork required: 31.85% Unexpected costs: 22.22% Concerns over financing: 21.48% Appraisal and inspection: 11.85% Meeting and closing date: 6.67% Credit … Continue reading

마이애미 – Fla. has 4 of top 5 ‘hottest’ single-family markets – 마이애미

마이애미 부동산   IRVINE, Calif. – Jan. 10, 2017 – Among the 50 largest U.S. markets, the top five (in order) were Orlando, Palm Beach County, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Dallas, according to Ten-X, an online marketplace. Each metro area had “a vigorous combination of consistently strong demand, home price appreciation, and economic and demographic … Continue reading

마이애미 – Why buy a home? Top 10 benefits of ownership – 마이애미

마이애미 부동산   LAWTON, Okla. – Dec. 19, 2016 – Buying a home may be the American dream, but it’s also a monumental task: You have to clean up your credit, apply for a mortgage, scrape together a downpayment, and then move all your worldly possessions in after you close on the deal. Phew! So … Continue reading

마이애미 – 6 Tips to Speed Up Closings – 마이애미

  마이애미 부동산   Daily Real Estate News | Tuesday, December 13, 2016 Home buyers in a hurry to move into their new house may be discouraged to know that the average time to close on a property is 50 days, according to Ellie Mae. But you can help your clients shorten the timeframe by … Continue reading

(마이애미) [부동산 가이드] 알면 좋은 융자용어 (마이애미)

  (마이애미 부동산) 미셸 원 / BEE부동산 부사장   DTI<부채 소득 비율>가 낮을수록 모기지 융자 조건 좋아져 주택가격이 많이 올랐어도 요즘같이 3%대의 이자율이라면 집을 사는 게 좋다. 예를 들어 한 달에 페이먼트를 1000달러 정도 할 수 있는 바이어가 이자율이 6%일 때 빌릴 수 있는 융자액은 16만5000달러이나 이자율이 3.5%인 경우에는 빌릴 수 있는 융자금은 22만2000달러까지 높아지므로 … Continue reading

(마이애미) 시티별 마이애미 교민 (마이애미)

(마이애미)​    ​2011년 마이애미 한인록에 ​등재된 한국 교민들의 카운티 / 주요시티별 거주비율 입니다.​ ​총 1,032 명 기준 (주소록에 등재된 인원수임.)    1. 카운티별​ 브라워드 (Broward)  카운티               : 650명 (63%) 마이애미 데이드 (Miami Dade) 카운티 : 273명 (27%) 팜 비치 (Palm Beach) 카운티             : 109명 (10%)   2. 주요시티별 웨스턴 (Weston) : 139명 (13.5%) 켄달 (Kendall) : 96명 (9.3%) 펨브로커 … Continue reading

(마이애미 부동산) 마이애미 시티별 싱글하우스 매물 가격 비교 (마이애미 부동산)

(마이애미 부동산)                                  매물수         최고가          최저가         평균가        LP$/SqFt      DOM 마이애미 비치        297채     $45,000,000     $250,000    $2,300,000      $736          n/a 코랄게이블스         293채     $35,000,000     $289,000    $1,575,000      $425          57일 아벤투라                  32채       $7,249,999     $275,000    $1,333,645       $396           n/a ——————————————————————————————————————– 파크랜드                 219채       $5,000,000     $290,000     $689,000       $192          47일 도랄                        231채       $3,100,000     $314,500     $649,000       $240          n/a 보카라톤              1,441채      $35,000,000     $59,999      … Continue reading


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